Welcome to California Victor University

I am delighted to welcome you to California Victor University. This new millennium of the 21st Century offers us both challenges and opportunities. There is an oriental saying that crisis means opportunity. We, California Victor University, exist to help you take opportunities and turn them to meaningful success.


Dr. Benjamin Hong Ph.D  President

Our mission is to provide you with a higher education, which is innovative, superb, and real-world, fulfilling the changing workforce needs of the society. California Victor University equips you with professional knowledge and skills you need for your area of specialty. Our quality education serves to make a significant and meaningful difference in your life and then to prepare you for successful career in the future. Above all, your perspective and purpose in life shall be formed and shaped by the eternal truth of the Bible. You, who desire to become Christian professionals or ministers, will appreciate how to serve and benefit the world with the truth and love of Christ Jesus. We earnestly want to see our students to serve as leaders with genuine Christian character in the community they engage.

Our highly qualified faculty and staff are committed to serving and working together for you to project and fulfill your dream. We recognize that you are so significant and valuable for the advancement of the Kingdom of God as well as for the enrichment of the society you involve. I invite you to California Victor University and begin your meaningful preparation for your gratifying future.


We welcome you sincerely and look forward to meeting you soon.