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Welcome to California Victor University

Dr. Benjamin Hong Ph.D  President and CEO

             Welcome to Victor University in California.The new millennium of the 21st century presents us with challenges and opportunities.  There is an oriental proverb that crisis is opportunity.California Victor University of  can help you seize opportunities and transform them into meaningful success.
Our mission is to provide innovative, exceptional and practical higher education that meets society's changing workforce needs.California Victor University  provides the expertise and skills you need in your area of ​​specialization.
Our quality education will help you make important and meaningful changes in your life and prepare you for a successful career in the future.We aspire to serve as true leaders in the communities in which our students engage.Our outstanding faculty and staff are dedicated to serving and working together to help you plan and make your dreams come true.We invite you to California Victor University and begin meaningful preparations for a happy future.
We welcome you and look forward to seeing you soon.

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