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Grading Policies

Grading Policies

Evaluation of student achievement will be based on meeting the objectives for each class. At the beginning of ache class, the instructor will provide the student with a syllabus identifying the objectives and grade determination criteria. Students must achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 70%. A student who fails a class is permitted to continue in his or her studies as long as satisfactory progress is maintained. In a course in which a failing grade has been received, a student who has feasible reasons may ask the professor to grant permission to take a re-examination, or complete a reassignment of sufficient quality to raise the grade to a passing score. Such work must be completed twenty one (21) days after notification of the failing grade, or in the case of spring semester courses, between the opening of the semester and September25ofthe following academic year. If the grade is raised to a passing grade, the student receives credit for the course, but no grade points are counted into the calculation of the student’s GPA. If the student repeats a course after having received an F grade initially, the previous F grade remains factors into the GPA, as does the new grade.



Grade Point


The following systems of grade points are used to evaluate a student’s level of achievement. A student’s general standing is the result of the total number of grade points earned, divided by the total number of semester hours taken.


An incomplete grade may be given for incomplete class assignments and/ or examinations only with permission from the instructor. Then I grade will be Converted to an F if the incomplete is not made up within one week after the following class begins.



Incomplete Grades


Any course that has an assignment due and has not been turned in by the time of final examination or failure to take the final examination will be assigned the grade of “F”. A student who obtains an approval from the faculty in charge to turn in the required work within a stipulated later time or take a late final examination may receive the grade of “I”. The “I” grade is awarded for compelling reasons such as medical or deemed appropriate by the faculty in charge of the course. All course requirements that are due must be completed no later than the end of the next semester. Otherwise, the “I” grade will be changed to an “F” grade automatically.



Passing Grade

A student who receives a “D” grade in a course must repeat the course. The course in which the “D” grade was earned cannot be counted towards the degree major.


Repeating Courses to Raise Grade Point Average


A student who receives a grade of “C” or lower may repeat courses to raise the grade point average. Whenever a course is repeated in an attempt to raise the grade point average, only the highest grade earned will be recorded as the official grade and the lower grades will be removed from the student’s record. A course may be repeated one time.

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