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Alumni & Friends

California Victor University (CVU) is a fully accredited university with students, faculty, alumni, and staff located throughout the country and two integrated colleges of Christian theology and business studies. CVU was founded in the 2010s by a global network founded by Benjamin Hong and has grown into a company that provides lifelong learning experiences for CVU students and alumni.
As a student at CVU, you’ll chart your own path, creating a tailored academic journey with plenty of opportunities for experiential learning and personal and professional development.


Since its inception in 2010, more than 200 learners have attended California Victor University. In addition to graduates, CVU alumni also include anyone who has taken a class at the college.


CVU is continuing its 13-plus-year tradition of bringing cutting edge training and technology to area learners through its innovative degree, certificate and job training programs, as well as career and personal development (noncredit) classes, lectures, presentations and other cultural offerings.


We strive to stay connected with our alumni through events, social media and other engagements, and we encourage you to Share Your Story with us. Together, we will continue to create a learning community.


 Annual Report

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    Annual Report

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SCHOOL  Performance Factsheet



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