Master of Divinity


California Victor University currently offers the following programs:


Master of Divinity 96 semester credit hours (units)


Master of Divinity (M.Div, 96semester credit hours)

The Master of Divinity program is designed primarily for those who expect to enter thepastoral ministry. It is a three year program and requires 96semester credit hours(units) including 30 units of Biblical Studies, 24 units of Theological/Historical Studies,  30 units of Practices of Ministry Studies,6 units of thesis, and 6 units of Christian Spirituality Practice. As many as 18 semester units may be transferred from another institution.The graduates of this program will be eligible for ordination and can work as assistant/associate pastors or Sunday school/youth pastors in local churches.  


Program Objectives

  1. Demonstrate a foundational knowledge of Old Testament and New Testament.

  2. Evidence an understanding of the historical development of church and theology

  3. Interpret the Bible and apply it to contemporary life and issues.

  4. Evidence a transformed and discipled life.

  5. Understand and apply biblical ethics/principles into contemporary moral and social issues.

  6. Demonstrate a professional competence for pastoral care, discipleship, leadership development, evangelism, and church growth.


Learning skill and other competencies to be acquired by students

  1. Establish Christian characters and attitudes needed in pastoral ministries.

  2. Attain interpreting methods and skills to correctly understand and apply the Bible to contemporary life and issues.

  3. Acquire a foundational knowledge of Old Testament and New Testament.

  4. Articulate the historical development of church, theology, and missions.

  5. Articulate and apply biblical ethic principles into contemporary contexts.



Degree Requirements

To graduate from the Master of Divinity’s degree program, each student is required to havecompleted a minimum of 96 semester units and write a thesis project. The completed units can be acombination of transfer credit and course work with a 2.5 GPA and above.


Students mustpass the Bible ComprehensiveExamination. To pass the Bible Comprehensive Examination, the student must correctlyanswer a minimum of 100 of the 150 questions (75 from the Old Testament and 75 from theNew Testament). To satisfy the graduation requirements, the student must secure the requestform to take the examination and submit it 10 days prior to the date of the examination. Theexamination shall be taken at any regularly scheduled testing period. The student will beallowed to retake the examination as needed.


To complete the program, a thesis project must be submitted and approved by thegraduation committee. The student will register for the course titled TP606 Thesis Projectduring the final year of the program and submit an outline of the thesis for faculty approval.The school will assign an academic supervisor according to the topic of the project. Thestudent will write a thesis project on which the student has been interested and wants todevelop further under the guidance of the supervisor. The length of the thesis project will beapproximately 50 pages double-spaced. The Thesis Project will meet the writing standards ofCalifornia Victor University.

Course Title and Level

All courses at the Masters level are numbered 500 - 699. Course descriptions are provided inthis catalog.


  • Successfully complete 96 semester credit hours (units) of the Following coursework with a minimum cumulative Grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale:

  • Complete required 30 semester credit hours (units) of Biblical Studies

  • Complete required 24 semester credit hours (units) of Theological/Historical Studies

  • Complete required 30 semester credit hours (units) of Practices of Ministry Studies

  • Complete 6 semester credit hours (units) of Christian Spirituality Practice

  • Pass the Bible Comprehensive Examination

  • Complete 6 semester units of Thesis


Time Limit

The Master of Divinity program must be completed within 6 years from the date of admission.



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